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Updated on 19 Jan 2017

Free Printable Word Search Puzzle To Print- Save More Money

Look for words associated with the money-saving in this word search puzzle. (Words in brackets are omitted in the puzzle.)

• score • mortgage • rates • wealth • credit • bank • finance • dollars • interest • passbook • payment • wastage • piggy bank • financial (success) • frugal

Tip: Double-click on any word for its meaning. To print puzzle, press Control-P or Right-Click > Print. (How To Play Word Search Puzzle?)


With more life commitments, it is inevitable that daily expenses increase over time. Mortgage payment, credit card bills, car loan payment, insurance premium payment, utility bills and so on. How we wish we can save more money!

Saving more money is not as hard as it seems, provided you pay more attention to your spending habits. As the saying goes, a penny saved is a penny earned!

We have come up with some easy ways to save money. Here are our tips:

  1. Smoke a cigarette less. Or better still, quit the habit totally. The less you smoke, the more you save.
  2. Switch to normal coffee. Designer coffee may taste good, but the savings from normal coffee feel better.
  3. Leave the car keys behind. Car pool instead. Save on fuel gas.
  4. Plan what you need, then buy in advance. Impulse buying may cost you more.
  5. Buy grocery in bulk to get better discounts.
  6. Borrow books from library to read. Buy only when you like the book for reference.
  7. Plan your travel holidays during off-peak seasons.
  8. When was the last time you re-finance your home mortgage? Check out the best rates to save money today!
  9. Look out for discount coupons from websites, flyers, magazines and newspaper. Print / cut and save!
  10. Need to change batteries frequently? Try re-chargable batteries to save in the long term.
  11. Do you need the light, heater or fan? If not, switch off and save on your energy bill
  12. Go through the wedding plans with your bride/groom again to see if there are savings to be made.
  13. Here is another money saving tip for you! Print and play this word search puzzle instead of buying magazines off the shelf.

Click here for the solution to today's Save More Money puzzle.