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Number Search Puzzle E-Books Shopping - Free to Print

Updated on 23 Jan 2018

Welcome to our shop. These number search puzzle e-books will provide you with countless hours of enjoyment and fun.

Jumbo Big Print Hidden Numbers Puzzles E-book

Love our number search puzzles and wish to play more fun and challenging number search puzzles? Get this e-book today!

You get 250 quality hidden numbers puzzles in a single e-book. Each puzzle is printed in LARGE FONT letters so that you need not strain your eyes when you seek out the hidden numbers.

Each puzzle is printer-friendly so that you can easily print each puzzle to circle with a pen or pencil. Read more here!

Ultimate Hidden Numbers Puzzles E-book

The ultimate volume for hidden number puzzlers! Imagine getting 500 quality hidden numbers puzzles at an incredibly low price!

Yes, it is for REAL! You are not imagining. You get 500 hidden numbers puzzles in this e-book, plus their answers.

Each puzzle is of normal font size and prints nicely on the standard letter-size paper. Check it out here!