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Updated on 23 Jan 2018

Welcome to this web site. Please review the following policy policy before accessing this web site.

By accessing and using this web site and its services, you agree to accept and be bound by our terms of use (of which this privacy policy is a part of) without modification, willingly and unconditionally.

If you do not accept any of these terms of use, you must discontinue access of this web site and leave this web site immediately.

1. What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the following personal information that you may willingly provide to us during your use of this web site:

2. When Do We Collect Information?

We collect user information when you email us and when you register for a user account. See Email Information.

3. Email Information

When you request for information or correspond with us through email, we may retain the content of your email messages together with your email address and our email responses to you. This is done to enable us to provide better customer service in future and for legal requirements.

4. Information on Web Site Usage

This web site uses IP address to monitor statistics of general web site usage by users. However, all information is for general statistics review and none of this information is associated with the user as an individual.

5. Use Of Cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on the userís hard drive by the user's Web browser. This web site may use cookies when the user accesses this web site.

6. Do We Disclose Information to Outside Parties?

We do not disclose specific information about our users to outside parties, unless disclosure is required by law. We will send email to you directly if necessary. If you wish to opt out, you can contact us.